Guest Speaker at the Flying Tigers Veterans Reunion in San Diego (09.27.19)

“Iris Yang is an enthusiastic, captivating and inspired speaker. She was the guest of the Flying Tigers Association in San Diego (the Flying Tigers WWII Veterans 78th Anniversary Reunion). We had about 100 people for a private tour and dinner at the San Diego Air and Space Museum in Balboa Park and Iris was our featured speaker.

Everyone was fascinated with the story of her life; how she came to the United States with very little money, and speaking no English. Her personal journey to becoming a writer of fictional stories of the Flying Tigers in China is very touching. Many of our members were tearful and couldn’t wait to purchase her books.

Iris is a delight to work with, bringing happiness and graciousness to all who interact with her.”

Lydia Rossi, Executive Secretary, Flying Tigers Association,